“The Wedding EP” is out now!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying your fall fun with family and friends.  I have some very exciting news.  My new record, “The Wedding EP” is finally here!

Since becoming a full-time wedding singer dozens of couples have asked me to cover songs that mean a lot to their relationship, but with a slower, more romantic vibe as they walk down the aisle or have their first dance. Eventually I decided to step into the studio and share some of these songs with the rest of the world. In a way it’s a celebration of the past couple years and all the amazing people I’ve met along the way. I also included a remastered version of “Still Into You,” because I’ve heard from couples from all over the place who’ve used it in their wedding, which is what in turn inspired this record!

The Wedding EP is available now on Spotify (and many other wonderful places). It was supposed to be available on Apple Music but due to an unforeseen distribution delay it may take another day or two to pop up. Thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible.

I’m really proud of these songs, and I hope you enjoy them.

LINK -> https://song.link/album/s/3sEDAjaTc03ZoX3HOvVLd0

A New Year…..A New Album!

I loved 2017. I really did.

35 weddings & just under 100 shows altogether was not something I thought I’d be able to pull off with a full time job on the side. I drove all over the place, met a crazy amount of awesome people, saw more concerts in a year than ever before, and created some relationships that will help make 2018 even better.

And I haven’t mentioned the best part yet…I JUST RECORDED A NEW EP! Those following my Instagram stories (@garethbushmusic) have seen hints, but a new record is coming in the next few months. New music, new videos, the works. Finding time for the creative side has been tough to do in the last year, but I spent most of my Christmas break trying to change that.

Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!